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It takes highly trained, experienced anesthesia providers to safely deliver anesthesia in an ambulatory setting and that’s precisely what you get with Carolina Anesthesia Associates. Every day, we provide anesthesia to over 600 patients & deliver on our mission to provide safe, high quality anesthesia care in an outpatient setting that meets or exceeds all protocols and standards of a traditional hospital.

How Carolina Anesthesia Associates can help you:

  • Consistent and high-quality anesthesia provider team

  • Depth of Experience in administration of general and regional anesthesia in a variety of specialties

  • Initial set-up of an ambulatory surgery center for general anesthesia or IV sedation

  • Facilitation of Credentialing & Payor Enrollment Processes

  • Development of protocols for procedures and emergencies

  • Assistance with managing compliance initiatives

  • Flexible scheduling & large provider pool

  • Anesthesia records to include quality assurance review

  • Post-anesthesia follow-up

  • Patient  & payor-friendly billing policy

  • Assistance with the procurement of anesthesia drugs and supplies, monitoring equipment, anesthesia carts, etc.

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